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Sausage & More... Shop, Drink, Dine!

Sausage & More European Deli is a one-of-a-kind specialty shop where you will find everything from gourmet sausage and hand-crafted deli sandwiches to imported German beer, wine and groceries as well as traditional, home-style German dinners. Whether you're from Germany, have visited Germany, were stationed in Germany or just love German food, you'll find our shop to be a place to reminisce about the old country, indulge in authentic German meals and pastries, and make deliciously new memories. 
Our store offers an array of gourmet meats, cheeses, breads and groceries. We carry bratwurst, knackwurst, liverwurst, landjaeger, blood & tongue, bologna and head cheese--just to name a few of our specialty meats. On our grocery shelves you'll find brands such as Knorr (think champignon and sauerbraten sauces) and Milka German chocolate bars. We've also got a selection of mustard (from mild to sharf), spaetzle, dumplings and more. Come check us out!
We carry a fine selection of imported beer and wine, including such brands as Bitburger, Schneider Weisse, Erdinger and Kostritzer. Sit down and enjoy a cold mug of beer or a lovely glass of Dr. Beckerman wine. You can also purchase beer and wine to-go!
Sausage & More offers a quick service lunch counter where you can order anything from a mixed German cold cut sandwich to a traditional German sausage plate. On Friday nights, we offer a full-service, sit down dinner featuring classic favorites like schnitzel, rouladen and goulash.
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